Joint Fire Science Program Research Funding Opportunities

JFSP provides funding for both primary and Graduate Research (GRIN) opportunities. In the fall of every year, JFSP provides Funding Opportunity Notices (FONs).

Travel Grants

Travel grants up to $480 may be available for our events.

Workshop & Field Trip Proposals

Through support from the Joint Fire Science Program, the consortium can fund 2-3 workshops/field trips per year at a rate of up to $1,300 per workshop or field trip plus up to eight travel grants of $480 each. In addition, we have funding available to create webinars, Wildfire Lesson Learned stories, and working papers. Send us your workshop proposal form today.

Letters of Support for Research Proposals

The Southwest Fire Science Consortium is willing to provide a letter of support for research proposals that fit within the scope of the Consortium.