Recognizing that budgets are tight, especially when it comes to travel, we allocate travel funds for many of our events. These travel grants are open for any member of the fire community to apply.

Complete a Travel Grant Application
(This link currently inactive. WUI Summit applications can be found under those specific events.)

How we award our travel grants

Although we typically favor those from the Southwest region (AZ, NM, southern UT and west TX), we encourage all to apply because there are times we don’t get as many applications as we expect and there is extra funding available. Please see individual events for application deadlines.

Applicants are selected based on the following criteria:

  • How much support is needed (partial or full)
  • Financial need – would they be able to attend if they did not get the travel grant?
  • Agency/organization – Is someone from an agency/organization not well represented for the event?
  • Participation in the event


  1. Presenters
  2. Partial need and agency not well represented
  3. Full need and agency not well represented
  4. Partial support and unable to attend otherwise
  5. Full support and unable to attend otherwise
  6. Partial support
  7. Full support