Date: August 31, 2017 11am AZ/12pm MDT
Presenter: Collin Haffey, USGS Jemez Mountains Field Station

The East Jemez Landscape Futures (EJLF) project is a collaborative process that aims to develop a holistic and forward-looking approach to managing areas of the eastern Jemez Mountains severely altered by drought, high severity fire, and post-fire flooding. To engage a diversity of regional stakeholders and understand perspectives about the impacted landscape, we conducted a needs assessment to launch the project, where we interviewed 50 individuals representing over 20 agencies and organizations in the eastern Jemez area. From the needs assessment, we identified common interests and concerns. In addition to the results of the needs assessment, we present, opportunities for action and recommendations for next steps in the EJLF project. View a recording of the webinar presentation here.